This is a video that I made (the 3D part) 2 years ago for a local band called NO ANTIDOTE. The whole video took around 4 months in total to complete in my spare time.
All the assets have been created in 3DS Max and placed in the scene based on the real streets from the city. The main characters have been created in ZBrush. There are over 17k elements that make the city where the action takes place.
The animation for the appearance of the city has been made using Thinking Particles from Cebas along with finalRender 4 to render the video. The characters were animated using Mixamo.
The final post has been created inside After Effects.
A big thanks to Ovidiu for the crash course on how to use ZBrush.


Characters without normal map


Mihai pandelescu screen na 02


Mihai pandelescu screen na 01

City map - Streets were built after the real city map

Mihai pandelescu screen na 03

Wireframe of the city